Nirvana Noir (hands-on preview)

Nirvana Noir (hands-on preview)

Two timelines, one Big Bang

Though Nirvana Noir is a sequel, it stands on its own narratively, focusing on preventing a second Big Bang.

Interestingly, we know the game is a point and click but we can move out into the whole world, looking for clues and talking to the people we see. This is amplified by the aesthetic, which is so good. The game has two timelines going on at the same time, and the color and aesthetic reflects which timeline we’re in. The black & white is the “true” noir timeline, whereas the pastel is the “nirvana” timeline and the opposite (or reverse) of the noir side.

It’s still around a year or so away, but this sequel might just improve on its predecessor in a variety of cool ways.

Video & images courtesy Feral Cat Den. This preview took place at PAX East 2024.

~~ Nirvana Noir won a SideQuesting Team Choice Award at PAX East 2024 ~~