We finally have a Legend of Zelda with the reveal of Echoes of Wisdom

We finally have a Legend of Zelda with the reveal of Echoes of Wisdom

This is Zelda’s world, we’re just adventuring in it

For decades we’ve been wondering when we’d get the chance to actually play as Zelda in a Legend of Zelda game. Her name is IN THE TITLE and yet she’s only ever been a side character or someone needing rescuing. Now, that’s about to change.

At today’s Nintendo Direct, the company revealed a new game in the Legend of Zelda series, Echoes of Wisdom, is set for release this year. The game will follow Princess Zelda as Link mysteriously disappears after trying to save her. Now, it’s her turn to take the mantle of hero and save Hyrule, and hopefully find Link in the process.

The game will carry the visual design of 2019’s Link’s Awakening remake, with a familiar overhead 2D/3D adventuring style that will put the focus on solving puzzles in a variety of ways. In the game, Zelda will have possession of the Tri Rod, a wand that can copy (create “echoes”) of objects to be used as needed. So if we come across a wind jet, Zelda can wave the rod and summon a pillar or tree to block it and walk past. If she needs to defeat a Moblin, she can summon a rock and throw it. If she wants to get up to a new level she can summon a platform or box or bridge. Zelda can even create echoes of the enemies she defeats, allowing for even more usage possibilities.

That’s really the premise behind the game: allowing players to solve puzzles how they see fit. There’s definitely an air of BOTW and TOTK here, in that there will be a near infinite number of ways to make our way through situations.

And hey, it’s Princess Zelda. In her own game. FINALLY!

We’ll all jump back into Hyrule on September 26.