RUMOR: Is Google TV Due for PS3? [Update]

Rumor: From word “close to the project”, Google TV is pegged to arrive on the PS3 sometime early next Spring.

Not Rumor: Sony already has a GoogleTV connected Blu-Ray player.

When we reached out to Sony on the subject, they have provided us with a “Sony does not comment on rumor or speculation” response.  But, there is mounting evidence to suggest that something may be going on.

With the speculation surrounding the Playstation Phone and Sony already dabbling in Android OS/GoogleTV inclusion on Sony hardware and televisions, it’s safe to assume that the OS usage will be extended to other Sony products.  The PS3 needs to further leverage the OS’ ability to be flexible across platforms and combat the upcoming 3DS and the XBox 360’s addition of ESPN and several other new features.

Sony currently provides both Netflix and Hulu Plus apps to its users, as well as Sony Pictures films over PSN.  The PS3 also allows for networked streaming. It is clear that not only does Sony want the PS3 to be a gaming hub, but the premiere multimedia hub of the home as well.  GoogleTV provides the ability to view any media at any time, web or live, something that few other devices accomplish effectively and no other gaming device can do.  This is a huge advantage for Sony of they can extend Android’s reach.

With Google TV having the ability to include apps, this provides a quicker method of acquiring many of the same apps that the Xbox has (, Twitter, Facebook) and more.  The PS3 can more accurately become an “everything to everyone” product if it has access to all of the apps that we like to use already.

But why should we believe that GoogleTV will come to PS3?  Besides the factual and statistical notes, it comes down to it just making sense. It’s already happening on Sony TV and Blu-Ray products, and the PS3 is considered the cornerstone of Sony’s electronics business.  It could very well be educated guesswork, but the addition of any such app now proves advantageous for both Sony and Google, who want the product in as many homes as possible early on to help it gain footing.

It is unlikely that any official acknowledgement will come from Google any time soon, so it falls square on Sony’s shoulders to announce the update possibly after the holiday season, as a way to continue the growing positive sales numbers of the PS3.

[Update: We don’t have any specifics or information on hardware connection to existing television, existing content boxes (like UVerse or Comcast Motorola devices) or Dish Network products, so your guess is as good as ours.  However, it’s worth noting that this may be a response to the XBox 360/UVerse compatibility, with a similar workaround.]

Author: Dalibor Dimovski

Dali is the Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of SideQuesting, as well as the co-Founder of CarDesignFetish and the founder of MakLink. Dali is also a car designer, deejay, and introductory beer-brewer.

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  • Zandalf

    Hopefully they can work something out to have chrome replace the ps3 browser.

  • Robert

    The PS3 doesn’t have any inputs other than USB, and those are on the front of the system. There is no way to feed a television signal to the system itself which means no GoogleTV. At least not a fully functioning GoogleTV.

  • DC

    Hardly impossible to add an adapter for ASTC (or other tv inputs) especially since DVB-T is already supported by the ps3 in europe and elsewhere using a usb adapter:

  • tarbis

    If they are getting googletv then they should get google chrome as their new browser. The ps3 browser really is not user friendly.

  • Pottage

    Actually they could easily make something work via the USB ports at the front. There’re dozens of USB devices for PCs that have aerial input and plug straight in allowing you to watch/record TV on your PC, like this one;

  • George

    Robert, that’s not how GoogleTV works. It’s not an ACTUAL TV that needs a coaxial or component input to get it’s “signal”. The content would be over the internet, so streamed. I don’t know where you got the idea that it would need television signal. It’s not like GoogleTV is an actual TV..

  • Dave

    Chrome web browser on PS3 would be intelligent.
    Google TV on PS3 would be brilliant.

    The future looks good for Sony if they continue this partnership all the way.

  • Robert

    The GoogleTV Blu-Ray player has an HDMI input for you to plug in your cable box. Sure the internet portion comes from the internet but you have to have a television signal coming from somewhere. The current Blu-Ray player essentially sits in the middle. You have your television signal coming into your DVR or cable box, then that is sent to the Blu-Ray player so that GoogleTV can add all of it’s cute overlays and then the final signal is sent from the Blu-Ray player to the television. The only way it would work is like DC said above and who wants a USB adapter hanging from the front of their PS3 with cables plugged into it from their DVR or cable box? I sure don’t. Maybe if there were USB ports on the back.

  • polo155

    Gogle TV CAN work with the PS3 because you can use the same add on for PlayTV Where it adds a coaxal cable to the usb port (so that a “in”) to the HDMI out.. if u have the googleTV by sony they say its usable via componant on the sony devices as it is so to conclude… its deffinitly do-able! and yes i have google tv and its great .

  • What kind of “word close to the project” are we talking about here? What kind of credibility can we assign to this rumor?

  • wrong

    This post smells like linkbait. I think the “word close to the project” is the author’s desire for this to happen.

    It’d be awesome, I agree, but I think it’s just wishful thinking.

  • FoggyBrain

    With the new HDMI cables sony is releasing, you may just need a new HDMI cable. As the new cables will support ethernet, 3d, and higher HD resolutions.

  • FoggyBrain

    They will support up to four times the 1080p resolution.

  • RLM

    Well, I guess that one way is to have an RF/bluetooth controlled switch sort of device that receives two HDMI input sources (one from the PVR and the other one from the PS3) and then then outputs the signal to the TV.

  • There Shouldnt Be No Need For A USB Device It Should Be A FirmWare Update Or A Free DownLoadable App Thats For All PS3 Users & Not Just PSPlus Users