PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Developer Hit with Layoffs

SuperbotPlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale developer SuperBot Entertainment has suffered layoffs today, a Sony spokesperson confirms to IGN.

The Culver City, California-based studio will continue supporting PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale with DLC, the statement adds.

The amount of people let go could be as many as 20, according to an Tweet from Mike Birkhead, a designer at Insomniac Games who first started the rumor this morning.

We’ve reached out to SuperBot for more information and we’ll update the post as soon as we hear back.

Source: IGN, Twitter

Author: Tyler Colp

Tyler Colp has been writing about games as a journalist and a critic for over five years. His work has appeared on The Escapist, Venture Beat, BitPulse, and Pixel Enemy. He's into loud music and anything that has to do with Dark Souls.

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