The Weekend Report, January 21st, 2013: Atari U.S. files for bankrupcy, Syndicate dev’s new title, Paypal for PSN is a go

Atari U.S. file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 

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The L.A. Times reported that Atari U.S., a subsidiary of Atari S.A., has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Sunday night.  The US branch of Atari did so in an effort to break free from the French-owned Atari S.A. Atari U.S. hopes that this will lead to them being purchased by a company.

Atari S.A. (formerly Infogrames) has been been profitable for more than a decade. Meanwhile, Atari U.S. has been developing games based on currently existing properties on smartphones. Shares for Atari S.A. used to be approximately 11 euros in 2008. Now, they’re less than 1 euro.

This kind of reminds us of a life boat being deployed from a sinking ship. We’ll see if anyone picks up Atari U.S. in the upcoming months. If they successful file for bankruptcy, they could come out of this as their own entity with little to no debt to pay to BlueBay.

[Source: Polygon]


Starbreeze Studios working on new FPS


Syndicate developer, Starbreeze Studios, has recently shown that its working on a futuristic FPS called Storm. They did so quietly by updating their website with this page. The page provides us with a logo for the game, and it reads “Currently in development. Co-op Sci-Fi FPS. It is our future.”

[Source: Polygon]

North American PSN users can now use Paypal for purchases


We’ll close up this edition of The Weekend Report with a PSA from our pals at Joystiq. At least, it should be available. Joystiq staffers have tried to add funds to their PSN wallets using Paypal, but their attempts have resulted in an error.

Hopefully, this will be up and working soon. As more options is always a nice thing.

[Source: Joystiq]

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