Miiverse on PC, Mobile

Miiverse on PC, MobileAnd just like that, Miiverse is finally available to via via PCs and mobile devices. Users can log in to the Miiverse website at Miiverse.Nintendo.Net with their Nintendo ID, browse communities, check messages… and that’s about it. It doesn’t appear to allow replies or sketches yet, which will come at a later date with a dedicated app.


Yes, you CAN leave replies on other posts, but not create new posts. :)

(Thanks, lassenwolf!)

Access Miiverse here: Miiverse.Nintendo.net


Already bored? We thought so. While you’re waiting for anything to pop up besides non-interactive forum posts, we suggest at least checking out some of the pretty cool images and fan-fiction that’s become prevalent on the network. The Zelda community is always good for excellent art (which you can now click and save to your desktop). Maybe the New Super Mario Bros U video community is more to your liking, showing incredible feats of Mario. Or, we suggest visiting the Ubisoft UPlay┬ácommunity┬áto see some disgruntled Rayman Legends fans.

Your choice.

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  • http://twitter.com/lassenwolf lassenwolf

    yes you can leave messages, I have done it from the pc