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[PAX East 2016] Dead by Daylight preview

Elevator pitch for Behaviour Interactive’s Dead by Daylight? It’s the asymmetrical, human team vs. powerful killer gameplay of Evolve filtered through the horror movie genre.

[PAX East 2016] Moonshot Preview: Bending it like NASA

Local multiplayer games always have a tendency to stick out at events like PAX, and Moonshot by developer Pump Action Games is no exception. Visually appearing to be a real time Worms game, Moonshot sees players controlling tanks in space battling it out for supremacy.

[PAX East 2016] Thumper VR Preview

A cool game becomes scary and anxiety-inducing in VR.

[PAX East 2016] Pyre Preview

Supergiant Games’ latest takes you on a beautiful quest for redemption.

[Pax East 2016] FATED: The Silent Oath Preview

Developer Frima Studios is hoping to make an emotional connection with players through VR and Vikings.

[PAX East 2016] Seven: The Days Long Gone Preview: Ex-Witcher devs leap over RPG roots

The unique combination of traditional RPG mechanics and the smooth and intuitive climbing in Seven adds a whole new layer of depth to isometric RPGs.

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