NetEase announces FPS hero shooter, Marvel Rivals

NetEase announces FPS hero shooter, Marvel Rivals

Hey kids, we heard you like live service games

It’s wild to think back to a time in the 2010s when Marvel was making its own games, and they were few and far between. Now, in 2024, there are what feels like brand new Marvel games being announced weekly.

Well, there’s now another one! Marvel Rivals, developed by NetEase, takes the comic book universe and jams it into a hero-based shooter. Featuring 6 on 6 team-based battles, the game will focus on squadding up with super heroes and super villains as they take on opposing teams across Marvel-themed worlds.

I know we’re burnt out on live service games, but this looks… kinda neat?

Part of the reason that it looks interesting is because it doesn’t require us to learn the lore of heroes and worlds in similar games — we already know these characters, and we just want to play. These characters will span not only the familiar, but also across the Multiverse, so that there will always be someone new ready to be added in. It centers on a story that involves current Doctor Doom facing off against his future self, splitting the multiverse apart. And as they team up, different character combos will lead to special moves and attacks. It’ll feature destructible environments, too, which will make for some interesting traversal.

It’s being developed by a team of CoD and Battlefield vets, so the backbone should be solid.

There’s no release date yet, but it’s set for PC at launch. Interested players can sign up at the Marvel Rivals website to potentially be included in beta tests.