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The Advent of Indies calendar brings tons of free games for the New Year

Freebies every day from some of the most interesting indie developers of 2014
by Dalibor Dimovski


A bunch of Indies are coming to PS4 and they are…

Someone call Noah, there's a flood coming
by John Eustice



Microsoft, Ubisoft, Oculus Rift, indie devs top this year’s PAX East exhibitor list

No Nintendo or Sony? Don't worry, there'll be plenty of other AAA and indie companies to tide you over.
by Dylan Martin

by Dylan Martin



PAX East 2013: Big publishers, most of you need to change

The way major publishers show off their bigger games is almost insulting to their fans that come to see them. They should follow the indie model.
by Eric Smith



The Evening Report, October 15th, 2012: CoD Elite free, Microsoft on Halo 4 leak, Square-Enix game to the Wii U, Steam Greenlight

CoD Elite free for Black Ops 2, Microsoft on Halo 4 leak, Major Square-Enix game to be ported to Wii U, Steam Greenlight approves 21 games
by Ryan Gan

Halo 4 screen shot

Trailer Check: Indie Games on PBS and the awesome Halo 4 prequel

If you're not hyped up about Halo 4 yet, you probably will be now.
by Dalibor Dimovski


chicago_game_jam logo

Chicago Game Jam 2012 Part 1: Sic Parvis Magna

Teams of Chicago game developers set out to create a game in one weekend. In this part, we take you through the first few hours of the game jam.
by Ryan Gan