Light Cycle Competition Entries – Set 6

Light Cycle Competition Entries – Set 6

Oh boy, one more day to go!  That means the sketches will be coming in fast and furiously in the last few hours!  We’ll have enough time for one more, final set after this one — probably up sometime Monday.  Until then, enjoy these incredible pieces of art!

The image above comes to us via Daniel Kafka.

Make sure to submit yours by April 10th!

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All of these images are owned by their respective artists.

Aaron Park

Ákos Száz

Alessandro Gardini

Sung Woeng Bae

Borka Schwarzer

Cameron Wood

Daron Vorsganian

David Hardie

Gonçalo Calheiros

Greg Thompson

Izaak Moody

Jet Shao

John A Frye

Leonardo Armond

Pierre Yohanes Lubis

Remus Piricsi

Robert Liddell

Rodrigo Galdino

Swapnil Welling

Syed Turaab

Ville Wuorinen

Yashwant Yadav

Yo Kobayashi