SQ Community Game Night April 11th: ZP2KX

We’re going Indie this week for our Community Game Night. A little while back our friends at Ska Studios created Zombies and Pterodactyls 20XX for Xbox Live.  The game is about zombies AND pterodactyls, of course, and we don’t necessarily have a problem with that.  What we DO take issue with is the incredibly steep price of $1 that the game costs.  Seriously?  One buck for a really fun, wacky, mayhem-filled experience?  Are you kidding me?

Oh wait, that’s not a complaint, is it?  Yeah, it’s ONLY A BUCK. You definitely have no excuse not to pick this one up, because for the price of coffee or food for a Third World child for a month you could be playing this great game.  And, you will.

Join us as we hang out with out friends over at Armless Octopus this Monday night on Xbox Live and play ZP2KX.  The shenanigans start at 9PM EST and last until we realize that we’re out of beer for the night. Pick up the game here on XBOX LIVE and jump in.