This is how Hot Wheels are made: A peek inside the Mattel design studio

This is how Hot Wheels are made: A peek inside the Mattel design studio

Take a look around your desk, or the cubicle of anyone at your place of work. There’s a pretty good chance that on said desks there are at least one or two Hot Wheels cars on top of a stack of TPS reports or glued to a cabinet door. The cars are in every kids’ toy chest, and were often the first things we played with when we were little.

We idolized them, and always wondered about how they were made.

Cool Hunting had the same thoughts, and set out to find out what the answers were. In their latest video, the magazine takes a journey into the heart of Mattel’s Hot Wheels design studio, where the magic happens daily. It’s a kid’s dream: the team wonders how they can top themselves every day, within the manufacturing limitations. In the video, Hot Wheel’s VP of design Felix Holst talks about how the toys evolved from replicating muscle cars to capturing modern vehicles, co-branded cars, and wild designs, all staying within their design philosophy.

The video also shows off the new Hot Wheels Car Maker set, which lets us mold actual cars from wax sticks and is OMG ON MY BIRTHDAY WISH LIST NOW.

It’s all very very awesome, and for those of use who still consider Hot Wheels an integral part of their daily “play”, whether to look at or to race down the railings of our office stairs during lunch. Video games are fun, but sometimes Hot Wheels can inspire us to be a bit creative as well.

Source: Cool Hunting