Star Wars meets Square Enix in latest figurine designs

Star Wars meets Square Enix in latest figurine designs

What would happen if Square Enix took Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and the Empire Stormtroppers and reimagined them? Well, you’d get a much more serious, darker looking version of the iconic characters, that’s what.

Square Enix has been hitting home runs with their figurine designs over the last couple of years, especially those of IP they don’t own. Take their latest products based on Star Wars. With just slight expression or stance modifications, the tone of the characters can be completely different. While Darth Vader and Boba Fett look more detailed, sporting only minor physical changes, their poses give a new facet to the personae.

The biggest change would be the Stormtropper, with a more menacing look. It’s no longer plastic; it’s a design that should be feared throughout the galaxy.

Take a look below.

Darth Vader:


Boba Fett:

FIG-KAI-9163_07FIG-KAI-9163_06 FIG-KAI-9163_05 FIG-KAI-9163_04 FIG-KAI-9163_01 FIG-KAI-9163_09


FIG-KAI-9162_08FIG-KAI-9162_01 FIG-KAI-9162_03 FIG-KAI-9162_05  FIG-KAI-9162_10

Each figure will cost 12,960 yen, or about $108. As a Star Wars fan it is worth the money to have it on display for friends and family to see how geeky I truly am. Well, it probably doesn’t help that I have Gundam models and other variety of items like that on display already, any ways. Square Enix’s Variant Play Arts Kai have also have a DC line featuring characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and more.

Expect the Star Wars figures to be impossible to keep out of geeks’ hands when they launch.