While one ESPN talent rips eSports, another watched and enjoyed it

While one ESPN talent rips eSports, another watched and enjoyed it

While the gaming world is again up in arms about a certain ESPN talent ripping on eSports and how it does not belong on ESPN. Michelle Beadle, host of ESPN SportsNation, took the time out of her busy schedule to watch Blizzard’s Heroes of the Dorm finals. And she tweeted about it.

And now, the much-needed rebuttal:

So, my advice to that certain ESPN talent that decided to bash on eSports and gamers: Do your research, watch what is going on around you, and maybe you will learn a thing or two. Like how you would do for your Fantasy Football team that you proudly promote on your show. Should we gamers need to tell you to stay in your basement and lock the door as well so you can watch the NFL Network all day and talk about how this player or that player should be on your team? So that you can go on your airwaves and bash them when they don’t do well that week? Just remember Mr. Colin Cowherd, fantasy football is essentially the NFL version of Dungeons and Dragons, except players of DnD have a lot more imagination than you will ever have.

Or, you might also do what Michelle Beadle did. Watch the event and learn from it, like others do with the World Poker Tour on the same sports channel. If after that you still feel that eSports should not be on ESPN, then neither should the National Spelling Bee, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog eating contest, or the annual Madden NFL cover vote and reveal.

Video link: SportsGrid