#ScreenshotSaturday for March 26, 2016

#ScreenshotSaturday for March 26, 2016

With GDC behind us, the “march” to E3 begins. Get it? March? Because we’re still in Mar–… Okay, never mind. I tried. Anyhoo, now that everyone is back from GDC and SXSW there has been a ton of work appearing online as we head to the traditionally busy dev months of the year.

This week’s #screenshotsaturday is full of fun stuff, including many games with are launching soon. Have a look below, and see ya next week!

Pomelo Games, developer of the neat BulletBoy for mobile devices, is developing a nice low-poly exploration game named “MarsMars” in a similar visual style. I really enjoyed BulletBoy, so more of that same feel is always welcomed.

Media Molecule’s Dreams seems like an interesting, creative idea. It’ll be their first foray on the PS4, and it looks like it may live up to the innovative hype.

I’ve been keeping an eye on William Chyr’s Manifold Garden for a few months now, and the visual style continues to grow on me. I have no idea what’s going on in the images but I’m intrigued nonetheless.

The developers behind Totem Teller are experimenting with visual effects for the game, which aims to be an open world adventure. The grayscale image in their latest tweet has great contrast in its lack of color, but the main design carries some unique retro pixelated effects.

I’m a car guy, so any images of vehicles on the web always pique my interest. Phantom Compass are developing Auto Age: Standoff and have posted concept art of some of their car-producing vehicles.

Junk E.T. seems like a kind of salvage-recovery game, but it was the animation that caught my eye. Ohhh lightning!

Not only is Pimago an accomplished developer of mobile games, but they’re also extremely personable on social media. It helps that they have a great low-poly/block style that they have perfected, too. I appreciate the simplicity of the bus design.

I don’t know whatĀ Sweatpants Simon: Escape From Slumtown is, but the name is crazy enough to get me to remain stuck in my head like a song at the mall. The game (I think it’s an adventure game?) releases soon, and Daniel Eriksson has posted some of his latest work for it.

Ever since Hearthstone took over my life and I jumped back into Magic, I’ve been keeping an eye on any CCGs that appear online. DLK Studios is working on one, and it looks like it’s pretty far along.

Slain, a game we featured on #screenshotsaturday a while back, just released its final version to the masses, but that left a hole in my heart for the next -Vania style experience. Trial by Viking looks like it can be the next one to look forward to, as Indie dev Dustin Hendricks has been posting.

Space shmups and dogfights are common gaming fare, but underwater is relatively uncharted territory. Fathom looks to correct that with the alpha build for itsĀ release, which you can sign up for now.