Square Enix and Audi bring custom R8 supercar to world of Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix and Audi bring custom R8 supercar to world of Final Fantasy XV

During this week’s “Final Fantasy XV Uncovered” event, Square Enix showcased one more surprise that seemed to be aimed directly at me.


In a partnership with automaker Audi, the company revealed a special one-off version of its uber-car the 2017 R8. Now, I’m a noted Audi R8 fanatic, as well as having a long-time addiction to Final Fantasy (since the series’ inception in the 80s). Bringing the two together is blowing my mind, though the vehicle won’t be for sale anywhere. The combination continues Square Enix’s push to bring their brands to the mainstream, as it follows the recent Louis Vuitton ad campaign featuring Final Fantasy XIII‘s Lightning character.

The vehicle will be featured in the Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV film (which coincidentally doesn’t take place on Earth but apparently Audi is popular on other planets too) and can be seen in the clip below at the 16-second mark.

There aren’t any specifications for the car yet, but we do know a few things, and they mostly pertain to visual aspects. The body of the vehicle contains a new dark warm gray paint job, with laser-etched patterns on the side inlays, front grille, and rear tail wing.


This should go nicely to contrast the carbon fiber wing.


What’s more, the vehicle will have new brake covers, matching the stylistic patterns developed by game artist Yoshitaka Amano for the game’s world. This is a nice detail, as they manage to thematically match the wheels in front of them.


Not much else is known about the car — or why Square Enix chose Audi’s R8 instead of countrymate Honda’s new Acura NSX — but I’m hoping for more news soon. Final Fantasy XV releases in September, and with a few more auto shows and gaming expos between now and then we’re sure to see it pop up again.