[Gallery] The new Xbox One S controller is a rainbow of color options

[Gallery] The new Xbox One S controller is a rainbow of color options

As a part of their roll out of the new Xbox One S, Microsoft revealed that it will soon be offering custom color controllers to potential buyers. The controllers, purchasable through their new Xbox Design Lab mini-site, start at $79.99 and offer color options on virtually every surface, along with custom engraving ($10). The total price undercuts similar services like Colorware and The Controller Shop by at least $10, but doesn’t void the controller’s warranty. The third party modifiers also allow for more customization options than Microsoft, such as texture changes and appliques.

I took a tour of the Xbox mini-lab at E3 and grabbed as many photos of the controller color options as I could. There are some great hue and value selections, but it’s the many possible combinations of colors that make for juicy final products.

Here’s the creation I made online:




And here are some of the many variations they showcased at E3. Though there are a few punchy colors, the majority accentuate the matte finish, and mute the saturation (but still maintain a delectable contrast):

IMG_1199 IMG_1200 IMG_1201 IMG_1202 IMG_1203 IMG_1204 IMG_1205 IMG_1206 IMG_1208 IMG_1209 IMG_1210 IMG_1213 IMG_1214 IMG_1215 IMG_1191 IMG_1192 IMG_1193 IMG_1195 IMG_1198

See anything you like?