[Gallery] Up close with the new Xbox One S

[Gallery] Up close with the new Xbox One S

There’s a new Xbox in town, and we have some snazzy images up close looking at all the details. You can see the glossy press shots in our original post, or some nice and grainy iPhone 6 Plus images below with terrific design commentary.



Standing upright, the Xbox One S is actually quite small in comparison to the current Xbox One.


The side view of the box shows the perforated/mesh surface necessary for cooling. Now that the console has an integrated power brick, it needs more airflow.


It wasn’t super clear in the press shots, but the big round opening (showing the fan) is EXTREMELY visible, especially in white. I’d imagine that a black box in the future would hide this better, but it sticks out like a black hole right now.


The top of the box lets the disc drive slot elegantly turn the corner. There’s more perforation here as well, but it’s better integrated into the overall design.


A shot of the new(ish) controller in relation to the One S. You can see the new, tiny power button on the console in the background, echoing the round shape of the perf.


Moving to the back of the box, we see a lot of ports. From the bottom they are: Power, HDMI Out & In, USB 3.0 x2, IR Out, S/PDIF, Ethernet. The box also shows the two-tone color now, with the lower 20% in black, which we’ll get to more of in a bit.


Close up with the ports. All dem ports.


I mentioned the two-tone color scheme above, and in this photo we see why: the Xbox One S can stand upright on a new base now, and so it’s important to look good on all sides — including the bottom.


The Xbox logo adorns the top.


It’s not the Xbox One S on the console… it’s the Xbox One Model 1681.


“Hello from Seattle.” A nice finishing touch for the device.