SideQuesting’s PAX East 2017 Team Choice Awards

SideQuesting’s PAX East 2017 Team Choice Awards

PAX East was pretty incredible this year — in fact it was probably the best in terms of quality of games. Likewise, it was also the most difficult to select our favorite games of the show, as the shear amount meant we couldn’t get to see everything.

What we *did* see was an amazing collection of games, and we’ve listed our favorites below. Join us as we celebrate SideQuesting’s PAX East 2017 Team Choice Awards!

Dunk Lords

Andy Hull, programmer on Spelunky, is the brave soul behind Dunk Lords. Part brawler and part over the top basketball game, the game could be a fantastically fun multiplayer experience.

Snake Pass

Snakes and platformers can work together well, and Snake Pass proves that. Sam details why in his preview.

Quake Champions

Quake Champions still feels like the game that spawned the franchise, but it’s also unique enough where it could stand on its own. Read why Tom thinks this is the direction Quake should be heading.

Flipping Death

It feels like it’s part Bettlejuice, part Shantae, and all style. Flipping Death brings a Simpsons type of world to the afterlife. Read why Dali loved the experience.


Tumbleseed is a roguelike, but completely fresh in its execution. Sam dove into the PAX East demo and came away impressed.


Strafe brings classic FPS gameplay into a new generation.


Dandara is a gravity-flipping arcade platforming experience that draws inspiration from Metroid and Brazilian influences. It could be a sleeper hit.

Graceful Explosion Machine

GEM is a mix of vibrant colors and felicitous audio cues that lead the player through a side scrolling arcade shooter seemingly a mark above its arcade counterparts. Read Sam’s hands-on with the upcoming game.


It really does feel like we’re sucked into an operating system, albeit one that just happens to manage RPG exploration and not financial spreadsheets. Read our hands-on.


Distance is perhaps as much a platforming action game as it is a standard arcade racer. We went hands on with the exciting game at the show.