Nintendo announces Neon Yellow Joy-Cons and ARMS arriving June 16

Nintendo announces Neon Yellow Joy-Cons and ARMS arriving June 16

At this week’s Nintendo Direct, the company finally revealed the “Spring” launch date for ARMS, June 16.

The upcoming extreme boxing/fighting game is a motion-controlled action fighter, pitting 1v1 and 2v2 against each other in stadium battles. The game is played by holding a Joy-Con in each hand and swinging away at opponents, although the game may be played without motion controls if desired.

The hook (zing!) is that players attach special arms to their fighters to increase power, strength, speed, and special attacks, personalizing a character for their own fighting preference. Thus far, 6 fighters have been announced with a few more hinted at during the Direct. The latest is Minmin, a sort of ramen-based female fighter that has already inspired considerable fan art since the announcement.

As players progress in the game, they earn points used towards unlocking better arms via the ARMS Getter.

Alongside the game Nintendo will release new Neon Yellow Joy-Con colors. As multiplayer is a big part of the game, and the Switch coming packaged with two Joy-Cons, two more would be needed for a second player. The company already sells Neon Blue, Neon Red and Gray Joy-Cons, so additional colors aren’t unexpected. However, these are a very snazzy highlighter yellow color that is perfect for the similarly colored game.

Both products launch on June 16, just at the tail end of E3 2017.

Source: Nintendo