Indie Whatever 002 – Fight Knight Kickstarter

Indie Whatever 002 – Fight Knight Kickstarter

Fight Knight is a project I’ve had my eyes on since it started development at the beginning of this year. Today it finally has a KickStarter and a demo!

What’s Fight Knight you may ask? Well, it’s a dungeon crawler mixed with Punch Out is probably the easiest way to put it. The idea is simple and the execution so far has been phenomenal. From what I played in the demo, I will go ahead and say that I am thoroughly impressed. The way the character moves is silky smooth and the fighting system is super fun and intuitive. Aesthetically it’s just beautiful to look at. The minds behind the game are hard at work to deliver a super solid experience in 2018. Trust me, I’ve seen the way this game has evolved and how hard they are working on it. It always excites me to see a new team come along with a crazy idea that is rooted in something genuine. The two head developers Thomas Leblanc and Zeke James are best friends that were inspired by their Dark Soul’s sessions of invading other players with nothing but a helmet on and they’d attack the opponent with their fists. This idea evolved over time into Fight Knight. Thomas and Zeke are two best friends who have wanted to work on this project for almost six years now, Zeke even drew pictures of knights fighting when he was a child. The enthusiasm everyone involved has for the project is so great to see, it’s hard not to be just as hyped up as they are.

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Some info from the KickStarter page

“THE TOWER ascends without warning. It consumes the land it seems out of as it rises, higher than ever. And then, before long, it’s gone. Only the wisest can predict where it will next appear. There are those who attempt to climb its inner halls, but the twisted forms of the creatures captured by the Tower, and the twisted form of the Tower itself, prevent those brave souls from going far. And it seems that each floor is composed of a slice of an entirely different location! Magical trickery is afoot. Surely there is some great reward awaiting the one who reaches the top, but who could possibly reach it?

The player assumes the role of the eponymous FIGHT KNIGHT. Known best from the gladiator circuit, this master of weapons has been absent from the arena for some time (much to the disappointment of his fans), yet it turns out he’s been chasing after the Tower all along! One has to wonder, why? And why does he refuse to touch any of his many armaments?

FIGHT KNIGHT is a mix between a first person dungeon crawler and a high speed action game. Players spend their time ascending a massive Tower, learning the story of FIGHT KNIGHT and getting to know friend & foe alike. Along the way they’ll solve puzzles, collect artifacts and help FIGHT KNIGHT grow in power. Encounters take place in real time, through grid based melee combat. Wits and reflexes pave the way to victory. Will YOU master the Tower and those who wait within?

  • UNIQUE PRESENTATION – Retro-game-inspired visuals that manage to look unlike any retro game
  • 8+ ZONES – Each comprised of multiple floors of puzzle-filled dungeon exploration. Each zone of the Tower has its own unique setting, layout, NPCs, puzzle elements, and enemies
  • HAND-CRAFTED LEVELS – Thoughtfully created levels full of puzzles that are designed to take FIGHT KNIGHT’s unique fisty capabilities into account
  • ROBUST COMBAT – Compelling real-time positional combat system involving all manner of fist-based warfare. Punch, dodge, push, counter, punch, block, and punch your way to victory!
  • CHOOSE YOUR STYLE – Equip FIGHT KNIGHT with energy-burning super moves called SPECIALTIES, consumable items, and a variety of gauntlets, all with various situational advantages and attributes. give FIGHT KNIGHT what you think gives an edge!
  • CHALLENGING FOES – Enemies work together to ensure your demise. Enemy types all have their own particular quirks and attack patterns. Not only does FIGHT KNIGHT need to learn how to approach fighting them individually, but in large groups too!
  • MEET ‘N BEAT – Enjoyable cast of characters to meet and punch along the way”