Massive Splatoon 2 update brings new mode, gear, and hairstyles

Massive Splatoon 2 update brings new mode, gear, and hairstyles

In a surprise announcement, Nintendo punched out a pre-Thanksgiving video debuting all sorts of new Splatoon 2 goodness.

The video, focused on forthcoming updates to the game, gave the first look at new gear, game modes and cosmetic features for characters.

The first update arrives November 23, or Thanksgiving in the US of A, and includes the following:

  • Four new stages: MakoMart & Shellendorf Institute (both new to the series), and Walleye Warehouse & Arowana Mall (from the original Splatoon game for Wii U). MakoMart will arrive first, with the others rolling out weekly.
  • New Salmon Run stage “Salmonid Smokeyard”
  • 140 new pieces of gear
  • New music:¬†Bottom Feeders (ska punk) and Ink Theory (classic avant-garde)
  • Four new hairstyles
  • Level cap increase to 99
  • Photo mode will now include screen filters
  • amiibo will now save favorite photos
  • Gear can be swapped within match rooms instead of needing to jump out to the lobby

The second update will debut in min-December and bring a new game mode, Clam Blitz. The mode tasks teams with collecting clams around a battle arena and launching them into a basket. Barriers that cover the baskets need to be removed first, which will require juggling between regular clams and Power Clams (collections of 10 clams).

All of this comes for free, as the company has made it a point to continuously update the game throughout its lifespan.

Source: Nintendo