SideQuesting’s Best of E3 2018 revealed

SideQuesting’s Best of E3 2018 revealed

It was a HECK of an E3 this year! From giant blockbusters, to multiplayer mayhem, to charming indies, the show brought incredible variety and intense situations in games. Though it was incredibly difficult, we’ve chosen our favorite games of the show and want to share those with you. We fought hard, battling each other in a royale style rumble in the hallways of the show floor, behind benches, and on the second floors of booths that didn’t even have second floors. The only rule in selecting: the game had to be playable, or played by someone in front of us. Credit to the team (Dali, Tom, Sam) that was able to push through at the show and deliver our site favorites.

Here they are, friends!

Just Cause 4

This was a bit of a surprise, not because of the announcement but of how actually brilliantly fun the game looks to be, and how it mixes chaos together into bonkers levels of excitement.


We had a solid time with our hands-on experience, and felt the vibes of the best of the Arkham games and Marvel’s cinematic universe.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

We love the Smash series, so for a game that aims to — quite literally — bring the very best of it all together, it’s a welcome experience.

Cyberpunk 2077

I still can’t stop saying “GOD DAMN” at the scale and style of the game. It mesmerized us in the hour we had.

Battlefield V

With the move to World War II, Battlefield brings with it new weapons, dangerous situations, and a heightened level of play.

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

Psst, this was shockingly good for a game that gets us right back into the re-annualized series. Plus it has a giant world and RPG elements? YES, PLEASE.


We spent a good amount of time plowing through the show floor levels, and got tingly Star Fox vibes. And the toys are doooope.

Rage 2

Hey, the first Rage was what it was. Rage 2, on the other hand, has some style to it and a solid developer behind it, making us believe that successor games can be more than just slight improvements. Rage 2 seems to succeed in every way.