Post your Game of Thrones final season predictions NOW

Post your Game of Thrones final season predictions NOW

The Final Season of Game of Thrones is here, and we want your predictions NOW.

We’ve seen the first episode already, and it definitely was the “calm before the storm” of Winter. It created more questions than answers, and gets our dragon-loving gears turning.

So we want to know: What are your predictions for the finale? How will this all end? Tweet us (@sidequesting, @dalidimovski), comment below, or hit up our Facebook page and let us know your thoughts. Let us know NOW, before 6PM EST on Sunday, and we’ll post them here. Our own predictions might change until that time, but that’s our LOCK-IN point.

At the end of the season, we’ll compare the results and find out who really should sit on the Throne of Predictions.


  • No one gets the throne. The throne is melted by dragonfire, and the individual kingdoms rule themselves for a change.
  • The living lose to the dead at Winterfell, and the dead march towards King’s Landing.
  • Jon dies, once and for all. And he does it fighting the Night’s King in a one-on-one battle that ends with both of them kicking the bucket.
  • Bran dies, but guess who saves him? Melisandre. This basically makes him immortal.
  • Cersei is pregnant, but finds out that it’s a dwarf. The child will never be born, or won’t survive, since the witch way back in Season 5 predicted only 3 children for her will pass childbirth.
  • Daenerys goes back to Essos because it needs more help there than Westeros. Also, dragons don’t deserve to live out their lives in the Red Keep’s Dragonpit and shrink to the size of dogs… they need free land to roam. Can’t do that in Westeros.
  • Sansa and Tyrion get back together, and Arya and Gendry as well.


  • I think Bran is honestly the key to all of this. Bran has ALWAYS been the Three Eyed Raven, the old guy that trained him? That’s him from a different timeline. The show already has opened up that weird time travel shit with Hodor and Bran literally being the reason for all of this shit to happen is another reason why I think he’s key. Basically Bran is this all powerful being who can see everything and keeps watch over the timelines.
  • The White Walkers have been confirmed to come back every thousand of years, so.. it’s kind of there. I think the Night King and Bran/Three Eyed have some sort of pact and Bran lets this shit repeat on loop until someone actually figures it out without having to cause so much drama and killing people.
  • Then I also believe that Dany will get the iron throne but then give it to Sansa and Tyrion to split since Dany feels like she accomplished everything and she goes back to her home country of Essos.
  • Jamie is for sure dead. Unfortunately.
  • Melisandre kills the ice dragon.