Bungie dates cross-save and Steam move for Destiny 2

Bungie has finally put a date on the long-awaited cross-save feature for Destiny 2. Originally announced alongside this year’s Shadowkeep expansion, which has since been pushed back to October, the new cross-save functionality will officially be available to all players on August 21, when players can then link different platforms on their bungie account for universal access.

The stipulations from the announcement still apply, though. For example, premium currency like silver is linked to the original platform where it was purchased. So if you have 800 silver on your account on PC and 400 on PS4, you don’t just have a lump sum of 1200 silver.

It’s worth noting that there’s no option for merging characters and inventories, and you’ll instead have to choose one platforms characters to be used, which is sure to be disappointing for some who played on multiple platforms. That said, you can roll that back and gain access to the characters on their original individual platforms, but it’ll take 90 days for them to be come available again, according to the FAQ on the Bungie blog.

Another big change announced with Shadowkeep, the change of client from Battle.net to Steam, will also take place ahead of the expansion’s launch, becoming available on August 20, and that the move will bring everything you’ve purchased along for the ride, including premium currency.

Author: Tom Johnson

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