DOOM & DOOM II’s big updates are now live

DOOM & DOOM II’s big updates are now live

Across all six platforms

DOOM and DOOM II have been classic experiences for decades, and now that we’re somewhere near 25+ years since their release (?!) they’re still somehow relevant. Bethesda wants to remind us about them, and is launching some meaty updates for the games in their modern releases.

The updates include several bug fixes, but also focus on 60 fps support, Quick Saves, weapon carousels, and tons of Add-ons. Yup: mods! And some of the best ones of all time!

The Add-ons are a “curated list” of some of the most popular megawads over the years, including TNT: Evilution and John Remero’s SIGIL. Bethesda noted that more may follow.

The updates are available now on all major platforms, including console, mobile and PC.

Source: Bethesda