Microsoft launches xCloud streaming test for iOS

Microsoft launches xCloud streaming test for iOS

Apple users can now join in

The Master Chief Collection will be exclusive to the Xbox One

Bungie is back on Mac! Wait, we meant Marathon is back on Mac. No, oops, Halo. We meant HALO is on Mac. Uh, huh… one more time. HALO is on iOS!

There, got it.

Sort of.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is on iOS devices, thanks to the launch of the Project xCloud test. Microsoft wants us to really understand how well the technology can run, especially when there are thousands of people on it at once. This stress test before launch could help the company resolve and find many issues. The tests have been running on Android devices for a while now, and are finally making it to the other side of the mobile road. Right now, the Master Chief Collection is the only game on the service during the trial.

It’s open right now, too, so hopping on over to the Xbox site and signing up might get you in. Head on OVER HERE and give it a shot, won’t ya.

Source: Microsoft