Gamescom reconfirms its new schedule

Gamescom reconfirms its new schedule

Conference goes online

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With Covid-19 continuing to rock the landscape of everything, it’s no surprise that events are changing, perhaps not just this year but going forward. A while back, Germany’s Gamescom announced that it wouldn’t be holding a regular conference, with more news on its actual plans later.

Well, those plans are now revealed, and the show is going fully online. The organizers of the event have revealed the full timing and schedule, showcasing what they’re calling the “4 pillars” of the week. It all kicks off on August 27th with Opening Night Live, a stream of new games and information hosted by Geoff Keighley. The next three days, the event will have a daily show that highlights games that have been announced, as well as an in-studio show, a developer focused portion, and partner content.

The organizers are trying to replicate a part of the feel of these big shows, especially some of the craziness of things like E3 week. Will it succeed? Who knows. If anything, it’s the first real coordinated effort to keep gaming news somewhat sane for a select period of time.

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