Sony rumored to host PlayStation 5 stream around June 3rd

Sony rumored to host PlayStation 5 stream around June 3rd

Maybe. Possibly? Potentially. Or not!

Are we getting close to a PS5 reveal of some sort? Maaaaaybe? Some signs are pointing towards ‘YES” on the Ouija, if a couple of outlets are to be believed. Bloomberg’s tag team of Jason Schreier and Takashi Mochizuki are reporting that a PS5 event could take place as early as “next week” if their sources are right. The June 3 date could change, depending on all of the circumstances surrounding the pandemic and securing all of the final bits of info.

This follows info that esteemed journalists like Jeff Grubb have been noting for a few weeks now, in which a Sony event could take place on June 4. By the way, June 3rd in the evening is June 4 in Japan, so Mr Grubb’s comments still hold true.

The general consensus is that the event will focus primarily on first- and third-party games coming to the console, with a hardware reveal taking place later in the Summer. This mimics Sony’s tactic with the PS4, in which it showcased developers and games in February 2013 and the full hardware and pricing reveal at E3 nearly 4 months later. We also don’t know if it would be at the 4PM ET/1PM PT time that Sony has used for recent State of Play events (like today’s TLOU Part II stream) or at the last few E3 shows it did at 6PM PT/9PM ET, to let Japan in at a decent hour. Or something else?

Who knows any more! We don’t. NO ONE DOES.

But when we do, we’ll add it to our BIG LIST OF SUMMER 2020 GAMING EVENTS.