Bungie reveals Destiny 2’s long plan

Bungie reveals Destiny 2’s long plan

Roadmap extends for several years ahead

Bungie certainly has plans for Destiny. The developer revealed a sprawling roadmap for its massive game today during a pre-recorded stream. The event, which spent a considerable amount of time showcasing the upcoming September expansion, Beyond Light, revealed the long-term goals for the game… And it’s extensive.

Things kick off today, with the newest season, Season of Arrivals, and a special dungeon, Prophecy.


This is followed in September with the 2020 expansion, Beyond Light.

Then in 2021, the next expansion is titled The Witch Queen.

Finally, in 2022, the expansion Lightfall will bring the complete saga to a head as darkness replaces light.

Destiny 2 and all current and future expansions will function not only on the current generation of consoles, but also next gen (and next next gen?). This means that the idea of buying once and playing forever will be inherent to the experience. However, this also means that the actual download sizes for the game could be enormous, and so Bungie have revealed the Destiny Content Vault. The DCV will cycle out older content that isn’t played as much or doesn’t have importance in a current narrative, and cycle in content that does. So, if something isn’t being played regularly but is really, really cool, then Bungie could drop that back into the game instead of forcing what is currently an over 100GB download over and over again.

We have data caps!

It all kicks off today, so grab your weapons, Guardians!