Torchlight III now available on Early Access

Torchlight III now available on Early Access

In Early Access for a reason

The Torchlight series is a celebrated group of dungeon crawling games, and one that continues to put our butts in our seats for long periods of time. The latest game, Torchlight III, is officially out now on Early Access for a launch in the future.

It’s…. a bit rough around the edges.

As you would imagine, when purchasing a game on Early Access, you take into account that it’s unfinished and could have a long way to go. T3 is probably in that same situation now, and looks like it might have a lot of work ahead of it. However, getting in early can often lead to having some effect on the game’s development to make it better — that is why these exist, after all. Torchlight 1 & 2 were pretty terrific games, and while we don’t know how good T3 could get, this latest launch is just a snapshot in time towards that hopeful end goal.

Torchlight III is available now on Steam Early Access