Minecraft’s Steve arrives in Smash Bros on October 13

Minecraft’s Steve arrives in Smash Bros on October 13

The biggest franchise hits Smash Bros this month

In case you weren’t aware, Minecraft is coming to Smash Bros, and now we know how much of a big change adding Steve and Co. actually is. During a stream today, Nintendo’s Masahiro Sakurai debuted gameplay for the fighter, as well as the new stage and music.

The addition of the fighter (four, if you count the alternate costumes) amplifies the mining and crafting, something that can be quite a change to the game’s mechanics. Each stage had to be rewired to include materials, like wood, stone and iron, which can be mined and stored. Then, players can craft weapons and tools, carts and tracks, and more based on what materials are in their possession. Steve can even Create block out of his materials, for defense and attack purposes. This new series of additions will make Steve feel completely unique to the series.

The Minecraft stage will feature 6 “biomes,” from snow to sand to forests, that mix up the materials that can be found and the obstacles that are encountered. There will even be day/night changes to the stages, too.

It’s a big update to the game, and one that Minecraft players may actually feel quite at home with. The “Steve and Alex” DLC pack arrives on October 13th.