Twitch announces Glitchcon online expo

Twitch announces Glitchcon online expo

Replaces Twitchcon for this year with an online event

Twitch, company solely focused on online streaming, had to cancel its in-person expo earlier this year. Bummer! The online service couldn’t figure out how to hold an online event.

Until now!

Twitch has announced Glitchcon, an online expo that will actually be hosted on the online service that is organizing it! Kind of an amazing turn of events.

All joking aside, Glitchcon does look like it could be a genuinely enjoyable event, especially now that cons are learning how to host online expos — and are getting better and better at it. The event will take place on Saturday, November 14th, and feature four virtual stages, each with different content throughout the day. It kicks off at noon EST and will last until midnight, with a special virtual party taking place at 11PM EST.

The full schedule is located on Twitch’s site.