AEW announces AEW Games

AEW announces AEW Games

Debuts first games under AEW banner

In a special presentation tonight, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) revealed a new branch of its business, AEW Games. The subsidiary will focus on working with developers to produce AEW-themed video games and gaming projects, several of which were revealed today.

Kenny Omega, wrestler and gamer, appeared on stage dressed as Steve Jobs to announce the first (untitled) AEW game. The project will be a spiritual successor to games like the legendary WWF No Mercy for the N64. The mix of simulation and arcade was popular for the wrestling genre in the 90s, and stays in the hearts of many fans. The wrestling company will work with development company Yukes and famed developer Hideyuki Iwashita (GETA), the original Director of No Mercy.

The game is in development for current and next gen consoles, without a release date.

AEW’s Aubrey Edwards also arrived on stage, and also dressed in Steve Jobs’ famed mock turtleneck and jeans, to announce AEW Elite General Manager, a new mobile game in which players took on a management role, growing a roster of athletes on their path to win matches and championships. There is no release date yet for the game.

Finally, a couple of more announcements made waves. Britt Baker appeared on stage, dressed as Steve Jobs no less, to reveal a new shirt! Yes, a shirt with the AEW Games logo. In case you want another shirt with a gaming company logo. Cody Rhodes appeared — dressed as Steve Jobs! — and announced AEW Casino Double or Nothing, a mobile casino game.

AEW Games looks to make an impact in the games wrestling world this year and next with new projects announced and in the pipeline.