KFC unveils its game console

KFC unveils its game console

Get ready for Next Hen gaming!

In more 2020-ass news, KFC has taken the food wraps off of its new project, the KFConsole. Way back in June, the company teased a console they were developing would arrive at some point this year with 4K and 120 fps gaming. While initially not much more than a marketing gimmick —- the company has a gaming promotional subsidiary —- it appears as though it will actually be a real device, capable of some pretty solid numbers.

Built by Cooler Master, it utilizes a modified version of their NC100 chassis and is powered by an Intel Nuc 9. It’s 4K, and VR ready, includes dual 1TB SSDs and a hot-swappable GPU slots. But most importantly, a slide-out tray, known as a chicken chamber, will use the device’s internal heat and ventilation to keep your fried chicken warm. Yes, it really is meant to keep chicken warm.


No launch date yet, or if it will actually be available in some limited capacity for sale to consumers.

Source: Cooler Master