Marvel drops news and trailers for Loki, Ms. Marvel, and more new series

Marvel drops news and trailers for Loki, Ms. Marvel, and more new series

The MCU continues to grow

Marvel is coming in hot over the next several years, dropping a ton of information about new and announced projects.

It all kicks off with Disney+ shows, including WandaVision. The show, which seems to throw Wanda/Scarlet Witch and Vision through different eras of television (is she imagining it? stuck in a multiverse?), will hit the streaming service on January 15.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier pairs the two popular Captain America characters together as they try to understand what the shield they hold actually means. Cap gifted it to Falcon after Endgame, so it’s time for him to take the role — or is it? The series hits March 19.

Tom Hiddleston’s Loki makes his triumphant return to screens. LOKI will pick up after the pseudo alternate universe in which the Asgardian problem child picks up the Tesseract in Endgame, sending him into a strange reality. Owen Wilson joins the cast of the show when it hits Disney+ in 2021.

The She-Hulk series is full steam ahead with production. Tatiana Maslany will portray the hero, which will bring in Tim Roth as the Abomination and even Mark Ruffalo as the original green giant. (No date yet)

The Moon Knight series was formally given some love with a mention. The logo is pretty nice, though? (No date yet)

Samuel L Jackson (Nick Fury) and Ben Mendelsohn (Captain Marvel) will reprise their MCU roles in Secret Invasion, the D+ series based on the famous comics event in which Skrulls impersonated many, many heroes on Earth. (No date yet)

Dominique Thorne will star as Riri Williams, the young inventor who takes up the Iron Man armor (in her own way). The live-action series has no date yet.

Now that Tony Stark is gone, what happens to all of his technology and suits? That’s what Don Cheadle’s War Machine aims to find out in Armor Wars, the upcoming series.

How do you celebrate Christmas in spaaaaaace? Marvel hopes to tell us in the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, which hits the service in 2022 (likely during the holiday season). James Gunn is back directing the feature. We don’t know if this is an actual sequel to the films, or a side story, or whatever, but it’s a fantastically likeable idea, especially after the great LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special this year.

Speaking of the Guardians, Baby Groot is back in I AM GROOT, a series of animated shorts featuring the character. No date yet.

Marvel also confirmed that Hailee Steinfeld will take the role of Kate Bishop in the Hawkeye series.

Marvel’s What If? was one of the best comic book series I read when I was growing up. It gave alternate, and sometime completely wild, looks at the heroes and villains of the Marvel universe. Now, the concept is coming to Disney + as an animated series. Characters with different origin stories, heroes with different powers, ZOMBIES. And all narrated by Jeffrey Wright. Coming Summer 2021.

Finally, we have our first look at Ms Marvel. The live-action series will star Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan, and focus on the “family” aspect of being a super hero. It’s set to debut in late 2021.