SideQuesting’s GOTY 2020: Final Fantasy VII Remake

SideQuesting’s GOTY 2020: Final Fantasy VII Remake

The legend returns, and grabs our top spot

“Guys, I think we all kind of chose a site Game of the Year..?”

Erron dropped that line during this week’s episode of The SideQuest, in which we discussed our personal favorite Games of the Year that was 2020. In a 12 month span that had its ups and downs, and then more downs, and even more downs, there were plenty of incredible games to enjoy. But it was one game, a game that had been in a perpetual loop of “It’s Never Actually Coming Out, You Know,” a game that had immense pressure and expectation, that seemed to deliver on its promises, and leave us not only wanting more but wanting it right away.

SideQuesting’s Game of the Year for 2020 is Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Find out why by watching or listening to the episode here.