Now there’s a Twisted Metal show coming, too

Now there’s a Twisted Metal show coming, too

The PlayStation’s vehicle combat series taking over TV sets again

There hasn’t been a new Twisted Metal game in years, and though there have been a bajillion games in the genre in that time, we’re still missing the IP. It looks like Sony understands this, at least a little bit, and have commissioned yet another narrative interpretation of one of their properties. Twisted Metal is coming to TV, according to Variety, with the premise of a character that needs to deliver a package across a post-apocalyptic wasteland America in order to better their life. Think of it like a Cannonball Run but with murder, probably.

The show is being produced by writers for Cobra Kai, Zombieland, and Deadpool, and will work in a comedic side.

There’s no release date or other talent attached.

Source: Variety