Dragon Quest X Offline Edition announced

Dragon Quest X Offline Edition announced

Relive the story of DQX without the subscription

Here in the West, we still haven’t been able to play Dragon Quest X, the online edition of the fabled JRPG series. The massive (and massively popular) MMO never made it to our shores — but now there may be another option.

Square Enix have revealed that a special “Offline Edition” is being developed. The DQX Offline Edition will take a drastic turn for the game. Not only is it fully offline, but it changes the aesthetic to a chibi, nostalgic vibe. Many of the game’s characters and stories will be represented in this new offline version, though the developers did not mention up to which version (1-5, or the newly announced 6) the game will draw its narrative from. Or, perhaps, the chibi design will make it easy to adapt stories through DLC later.

Who knows. Just bring Dragon Quest X to the US, please.

Source: Square Enix