Event Roundup: Gamescom, E3, EA Play and more get detailed

Event Roundup: Gamescom, E3, EA Play and more get detailed

It’s going to be a long, cruel Summer

It doesn’t end, does it? Events are being announced several times per day now, and the Summer really looks like it’s going to be a gamer’s paradise — if we all stay healthy and safe. There are actual organized events this year, so we’ll likely be able to actually enjoy the experience. There are a ton of new events announced and updated today. Reminder to check out the full list we have going!

Gamescom is going online again this year, after flirting with a hybrid model, and it’ll kick off again with Geoff Keighley’s Opening Night Live on Wednesday, August 25, with the main days following on the 26th & 27th. Info here: Press Release.

E3, on the other hand, has expanded its lineup, adding notable devs and publishers to its digital showcase. The biggest names are arguably Square Enix, Sega, Bandai Namco, and Gearbox, but also hopping on board are Xseed Games, Turtle Beach, Freedom Games, Devious Eye Entertainment, Verizon, and Binge.com. This is great news for the show, since the original line-up was actually shrinking with Konami backing down.

Electronic Arts, meanwhile, has announced its EA Play Live event, and it won’t be in June. Instead the showcase is happening on July 22nd. This could mean that EA may not have a bajillion new products this year and could be focusing on Madden, FIFA and any other sports games it has coming, or it may mean that they just want to get as far away from the E3 experience so that they can have the full focus on themselves.

Meanwhile, Limited Run Games is definitely back doing their E3 show this year, hosting a livestream on June 14th.

Quakecon is back again this year, sticking to its online digital guns once more. The Bethesda-run show will take place August 19-21, just before Gamescom and well after E3. They’re hoping to make it back to Dallas for 2022’s show.

Source: Quakecon

Playism has announced a show taking place this week, on May 15th, to show off some of the great Japanese indies they’ve been working with.

Source: Playism

NetEase is a quiet publishing giant, dabbling in console, PC, and mobile games. They’re hosting a special “NetEase Connect 2021 Product Launch” stream on May 20th over on YouTube.