Among Us adding new modes and colors

Among Us adding new modes and colors

With a goal of getting the player count to 15

Innersloth Games took the time this week to reveal its extensive roadmap for its massively popular Among Us game. Borrowing ideas from the mod community, the team hopes to fully implement and canonize several new features that should keep players coming back for more play time.

Firstly, brand new colors are being added, with a goal to get the player count up from 10 to 15 at once. This should add to the delicious chaos of the game, but new roles may help mitigate some of the uncontrollable side effects. For the first time a Sheriff will join the fray with the ability to kill Imposters, alongside the new Scientist role. New cosmetics and visors will be revealed, as well as a general graphical update.

Achievements and account linking have been requested by fans for a while now, so those are on the way, as well as Xbox and PlayStation access. Finally, a brand new map (Map 5) and a new Hide ‘n Seek mode will make their debuts at some point. The mode is popular online with hardcore fans, but now it could be popular among us. GET IT? I used the name in the article!


More info on the game’s itch page.