God of War sequel delayed to 2022

God of War sequel delayed to 2022

GoW 2 and Gran Turismo 7 to be cross-gen

Sony has delayed its sequel to 2018’s God of War to 2022, the company has announced. The game, which we’ll call “Ragnarok” since it’s heavily implied, began development later than the recently previewed Horizon Forbidden West, and therefore is behind it in terms of release schedule. Horizon: FW is tentatively aiming to release this Holiday season, though Sony’s Helmut Lang noted that is still not formally set in stone due to development processes and its release date could change as well.

Meanwhile, both God of War 2 and Sony’s Gran Turismo 7 will be cross-generational much like the Horizon sequel, with planned releases for both the PS5 *and* the last generation’s PS4.

All in all, Sony has 25 titles in development, with half being from new IP. What will 2021’s release schedule look like for Sony after all of the dates have been determined? Possibly a lot like Microsoft’s first half of the year: reliance on third parties to prop up sales until the post-COVID gaming deluge hopefully arrives.

Source: PlayStation Blog