Saints Row reboot gets delayed to August

Saints Row reboot gets delayed to August


We knew it was going to happen. If you’ve listened to any episode of The SideQuest or hopped into our Discord, then you know that we’ve been talking about a probably delay since probably the beginning. Saints Row (the reboot) has been delayed.

Jim Boone, the Chief Creative Officer at developer Volition, shared the news today, noting that COVID is definitely difficult to plan around. As we’ve mentioned so many times before, this is okay. This is fine. Having a healthy staff, and focusing on the quality of a product instead of meeting timing to make shareholders happy, is the correct way to go these days, and it will ultimately result in a far better product.

The new launch date moves from February 2022 to August 23rd, 2022, which clears up our Q1 2022 just a little bit more. THANKFULLY.

Source: Volition