Hide the Princess in your own LEGO castle

Hide the Princess in your own LEGO castle

LEGO Peach on the way for the Super Mario sets

Nintendo and LEGO have revealed the next Super Mario set of bricks, and it’s none other than Princess Peach herself. The latest character & associated Adventure Set was revealed today, March 10th of all days, for no apparent tie-in reason.

The set will continue the LEGO Super Mario tradition of a blocky character with a screen, camera, speaker, and mini-computer all shoved inside. In this case, Peach has a detailed design right down to the crown and heart shape in her hair. Where Mario & Luigi have their body screen as a solid color when not in use, the Princess’s has her royal gem in the middle.

Her set includes a lava bubble launcher, a swing, and additional buildable characters Lemmy and a Yellow Toad. Because this is a LEGO Marioverse, Peach can be used in other sets and Mario & Luigi can be used in hers. And true to her name, Peach can “eat” the red fruit that comes with the set to earn coins. I still have no idea what all these coins do, but I’ve collected a lot with my Mario already.

Maybe I can buy a calendar! That’s because the set, which retails for $60, will be available in August with an order date of August 1st. The companies also revealed that other new sets will be available that day, like a Cat Peach suit and Peach’s Castle.

Source: LEGO | Nintendo