Stay Safe and Healthy at PAX EAST this year with some free tips

Stay Safe and Healthy at PAX EAST this year with some free tips

PAX is almost here, and that means that we need to take every precaution to make it a success.

NOTE: This article is in no way affiliated with PAX or ReedPop.

Hey, real talk: COVID cases ran wild at DICE and GDC this year and sent friends of ours into some pretty nasty health situations, even with health precautions in place. This is likely due to a variety of factors, but one thing is clear for later this month: PLEASE stay healthy at PAX. If you’re feeling unwell, get tested (heck, get tested the days before you leave for Boston anyways) and avoid the show floor and afterparties.

With PAX East 2022 likely being the biggest gaming event since PAX East 2020, it’ll also be the one with the greatest chance for COVID, the flu, or the now infamous PAX POX. I don’t know what kind of precautions each individual booth or event venue will have, or how they’ll maintain them, but the PAX organizers have some definitely important precautions in place. We think it’s imperative that you go check that out NOW right here: PAX Health & Safety. Reminder: have your COVID vaccination information ready, and have your mask on your face at all times.

We’ve also put together some tips to stay healthy at both the show floor and the after parties (feel free to add yours in the comments and we’ll try to keep this list updated as best as possible).

Tips for BEFORE PAX:

  • Get vaccinated. IMPERATIVE.
  • Obviously have your mask with you and wear it. ALL THE TIME. Everywhere. Double mask if you can, and bring at least one new mask for each day you’re there. They can get nasty.
  • Bring a little bottle of hand sanitizer everywhere you go, because there may not be enough bottles otherwise.
  • Bring a couple of at-home COVID tests with you. The CVSes in the area are going to get slammed when there, so buy a couple ahead of time before you leave.
  • Take a COVID test before you leave your home. Just do it, to make sure you’re not bringing anything bad with you. They’re easy, and free from the USPS, so no excuses.
  • Bring some Airborne, EmergenC or Vitamin C drops. They may be little things but they can help.

Tips for PAX and After Parties:

  • You’ll be grabbing controllers and keyboards that hundreds of other people just used before you, so make sure booths are wiping stuff down before you touch things. If they aren’t, ask politely that they clean the controller before you grab it (or grab a wipe and do it yourself).
  • Remember FED = Fist (bump), Elbow (bump), or Don’t (bump at all)
  • Wash your hands before and after you eat — especially in line at the con food area.
  • Use tap to pay wherever you can
  • Get your rest (PAX will be less attended this year, so you don’t have to rush to the show floor when it opens — sleep in, it’s okay)
  • Drink A LOT of water. Use a straw from a bottle if you can, or even bring a Camelbak and a straw for under your mask.
  • For the love of god, shower. SHOWER.

Again, here is the official PAX Health & Safety info:

And here is where you can get COVID tests for free before you leave:

Stay up to date on the PAX East parties & events with our list HERE and within our Facebook group.

Photo by Anna Shvets, PAX logo by ReedPop