An Apology

An important note from the Editors

We’re sorry.

We’re sorry because SideQuesting turns 13 years old today, and we’ve been holding your attention hostage for more than a decade now.

We’re sorry because we’re now hitting puberty and the “Terrible Teens”, and we will likely be insufferable as we rebel against MOM! and any homework we have to do.


We’re sorry because we now have acne and watch My Hero Academia over and over as we eat Little Caesar’s Pizza.

We’re sorry because Call of Duty isn’t as good as memes.


We’re sorry because we don’t talk about Bruno (except that we do, oh well) and that Mandalorian is a better character than Boba Fett ever was.


We’re sorry that you’ve stuck with us for so long, we didn’t mean to poison your minds with GOOD CONTENT.

Anyways, Happy 13th Birthday to us, SideQuesting dot com, today.

Sorry not sorry.

Thumbnail photo by Erik Mclean from Pexels