Demonschool sets up a cool class schedule

Demonschool sets up a cool class schedule

Upcoming tactics RPG is set in a school for demons, duh!

Demonschool, the upcoming new game from Ysbryd and Necrosoft, definitely seems to touch on a few hot bullet points of today.

It’s a tactics RPG.

It’s about kids.

In a supernatural school.

Infested with demons.

And it has a nostalgic Nintendo DS style to it.

All of this sounds really cool, and really in our zone. There’s a definite Persona and Shin Megami Tensei influence here, but the retro imbued flavoring may put it over. We even get to take on Yakuza who summon demons? Yes.

Demonschool is coming to every platform in 2023: PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, PC, Mac, Steam, and Linux.