H.R. Giger would be proud of the upcoming game Scorn

H.R. Giger would be proud of the upcoming game Scorn

Bio-monstrocity game attaches to October launch date

HR Giger was the creative force behind the design of the worlds and monsters of the Alien series, blending man, monster, and machine into a bizarre, undulating creation. Though most people think “ah, cool!” when they see those designs, they don’t always realize that what binds them together is that they’re all meant to be a part of the same organism. From a spaceship to the beast roaming inside of it, everything works together, every bone and muscle and acid drip has an important piece and story to tell. Everything matters.

Scorn, the upcoming game from studio Ebb Software & publisher Kepler Interactive, uses Giger’s work as its (literal, grotesque) backbone. Though there are obvious visual style queues, the real “meat” of the experience is how all of the game’s mechanisms work together.

In Scorn, players must navigate a monstrous labyrinth filled with the biomechanical creatures and puzzles within. Every detail in the setting, every bit of minutiae, is meant to have weight and help tell that particular section’s story. See that body on the ground? Examine it. The dude died there for a specific reason. See that rock outcropping ahead? It’s shaped that way for a very specific reason. Through exploration and interaction (and a lot of fighting with the labyrinth’s denizens) players will discover how it all works together.

Scorn‘s latest gameplay was shown at the XBox Showcase 2022 today, and definitely entices us to head into its depths. The game releases on October 21st on Xbox platforms, Game Pass, and PC.