PAX Rising Online takes place this weekend

PAX Rising Online takes place this weekend

Over 40 indies and online events showcased over July 9 & 10

We’re excited about the return to in-person events (we loved PAX East, and PAX West is later this year — with E3 making a comeback in 2023), but there are still plenty of great online events taking place. This weekend PAX Rising Online is happening from July 9 & 10, Saturday and Sunday, across Twitch, Steam, and Discord.

The event features tons of indies vying for your attention (they’re great!) alongside demos, showcases, developer talks, and community events.

And it’s all free!

The demos can be found on Steam in the PAX Rising microsite.

The Discord community is where you’ll find a ton of the talks and activities, with the ability to win some of the games featured.

Finally, just head on over to the website for the full schedule across both days.