Skull & Bones actually has a release date

Skull & Bones actually has a release date

November! For real! Maybe!

Surprise, you’ve lost a bet! Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones is apparently still on the way! And now it even has a release date: November 8th!

Skull & Bones takes place during the Golden Age of Pirates, across the Indian Ocean. Players will be able to acquire a ship, customize the heck out of it, and engage in all kinds of battles (land and sea) against others in hopes to grow their legend.

The CGI trailer above tells a little of that scene and era, while the gameplay trailer actually shows what players will be doing.

The game has a tumultuous development, having had an original release timeframe of 2018, then getting rebooted in 2020, and now finally having its day in the sun-soaked waters in 2022.

Skull & Bones launches November 8th on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and Stadia.